Audra McDonald at The Leicester Square Theatre – Five Stars *****

This concert with six-time Tony Award-winner Audra McDonald is sublime from start to finish and not only is it packed with fantastic musical performances, but it’s also filled with wonderful anecdotes. Audra is joined throughout the show but its host and pianist, her friend and hilarious human being Seth Rudetsky. Audra is also being joined by her husband at one point of the show, Tony-nominee Will Swenson; Of course Audra is the star attraction here. Her co-stars are just as incredible, Rudetsky especially, who I find so funny that it actually makes me tear up. Rudetsky and McDonald have been friends since she was a student at Julliard (School of Dance, Drama and Music), so the banter between the two of them takes Audra from being Broadway Queen at times down to being the hilarious Momma Broadway, which is wonderful for anyone to watch.

The pair kept reminding the audience that the concert will be different every night, with different conversation occurring and slightly different song choices as well. The songs are a wonderful mix from Audra’s personal favourites to many of her most notable songs that she’s been performing in concerts for years, including three of my favourites “The Glamorous Life” from A Little Night Music, “Maybe This Time” from Cabaret and “Stars and Moon” from Songs For A New World. Her vocal performance is phenomenal and the power in her voice melted my face off several times. Even if you know nothing of Audra McDonald, you will leave this concert in awe.

But if you do know Audra very well like I do then this concert will give you so much more than just that. Getting to see the biggest star in the world of theatre being so laid back and casual, sharing so many hilarious anecdotes, is not only exciting but inspiring to watch. She told us everything from how a normal day at the Tony Awards plays out, to what it was like to rehearse A Raisin in the Sun with P. Diddy in the cast. I have never left a performance feeling as happy and inspired as I did. Audra McDonald is like gold dust and even the slightest dosage of her makes you feel abundant.

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Audra McDonald is at the Leicester Square Theatre until 15th April – tickets still available here…

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