Bat Out of Hell ****

This musical is inspired by the original Bat out of Hell album which was written by Jim Steinman and performed by Meatloaf. It includes some of the great hits including I’d Do Anything for Love, Paradise by the Dashboard Light, You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth, Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad and Bat Out Of Hell. Steinman has written two new songs for the show. The singers, musical direction and the sound production are outstanding.

The plot is set in a futuristic, post apocalyptic Manhattan which has been severed from the rest of the United States after a series of explosions. A group of teenagers are trapped in an underground cave which has filled with noxious gases. Their DNA was frozen and from the day when they emerged from the cave, they never aged and they became known as The Lost.

The leader of The Lost is Strat and he falls in love with Raven who is the daughter of Falco, the Commander-in-Chief of Obsidian. Falco never wants Raven to leave the skyscraper where he and his wife Sloane live with their precious only child. Falco seems very jealous of The Lost as they never grow older but he does. This theme of never growing up is key in Peter Pan and the audience is reminded of this link when we meet Tink, Strat’s best friend.

Jon Bausor’s set and Finn Ross’s video design have produced a modern look for the show. Characters are filmed while performing on stage so that the audience can see close ups of the characters singing, acting and sometimes dancing. At times it feels like being at a modern day large-scale concert where screens allow the audience to see the performers on stage. Two highlights are the motorbike crash and the car being pushed off the stage. These are imaginatively realized and create moments of tragedy and comedy respectively.

Impressive performances were given by all the lead roles: Andrew Polec as Strat, Christina Bennington as Raven, Rob Fowler as Falco and Sharon Sexton as Sloane. Emma Portner’s choreography is energetic and entertaining.

Review by Gail Deal.

London Coliseum, 33 St Martin’s Lane, London.WC2N 4ES

We have tickets from £20

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