BRIEFS : Close Encounters ****

A celebration of life! ‘Briefs: Close Encounters’ is full of flesh, glitter, comedy, sass, fireworks, and umm.. a lot more flesh.

The show is a feast for the eyes which includes aerial work fused with an ‘in your face’ striptease; plus you are treated to a perfect bare bottom of a sparking welder which leaves you gasping for more.

The worlds hottest all-male boylesque circus stars strut back into the Underbelly (5 years strong) with a brand new production ‘Close Encounters’. This venue is the perfect playing house for this high healed event with humble heart and sex driven soul.

Lights go down, the audience are nervously ‘locked in’, swear on oath to a ban of technology, truth and respect for this 65 minute display of seven miraculous specimens; Fez Faanana, Mark Winmill, Louis Biggs, Harry Clayton-Wright, Thomas Gundry Greenfield, Dale Woodbridge-Brown, and Thomas Worrell ask us to ‘leave the s**t of today’ and join their mission to the future, where we are assured by hilarious Faanana, who heads the evening, that ‘all will be okay’.

From a bouncy-ball juggling scientist, to a rope swinging astronaut; each act has sass and meaning for the future. One even comes with subtitles on their tight white briefs, stripping layer by layer to tell the story. The utter strength, core and technique of the Brief boys is something from the future.

Stunning lighting design (by Paul Lim) and their universally appealing music choice gives respect and attention to the tongue in cheek storytelling.

A Southbank spectacle not to be missed.

Review by Chris Edgerley.

We have tickets for £27.50 here –

Playing until 30th September 2017 at the Underbelly Festival Southbank.
Box office – 0844 545 8252

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