Editor’s Choice – Burn The Floor – Four Stars ****


Editor’s Choice – Burn The Floor – Fire in the Ballroom – Four Stars ****

An explosion of Ballroom and Latin dance where the performers are set free and fill the stage with sweat, sexuality and unstoppable energy and talent.

The Ballroom craze is definitely in the air and at the Peacock theatre its heating up London in Autumn to hot and steamy heights.  It’s not the first incarnation of ‘Burn the Floor’ as it has previously played in London and New York.  The concept was inspired when Director and Choreographer Peta Roby saw an inspiring performance at Sir Elton John’s 50th Birthday party in March, 1997.  Although it seems all the rage now, prior to the 1990’s ballroom competitions had been performed behind closed doors.

The fast paced show, which starts off with a Dangerous Liaisons style Viennese Waltz is invaded by futuristic hell-raisers. They take over the conventional gathering to create dance anarchy. Act one takes you on a journey through Latin and Swing with nicely paced mellow moments, which just about allow you to catch your breath for the next energised number. Act two starts with a homage to Carmen and includes an acrobatic ‘Schools out’ section. Get ready to dance in the aisles for the finale number ‘Ballroom Blitz’.

The vocalists work great with the dancers, interacting and providing some welcome comedy moments. Mikee Introna is smoother than silk on vocals and gives us a heart felt performance of Robbie Williams ‘Angels’ with part of the song sung in Italian.

The troupe of dancers are unsurpassable and highly skilled in their disciplines. The space of the Peacock theatre is used to it’s full capacity, incorporating multiple levels and dancing in the isles. The stunning set creates mood and ambiance (Scenic Design by James Bronzer) with enhancement by seductive and sultry lighting by Scott Rogers.  The enjoyment and enthusiasm on the dancer’s faces is infectious, Alberto Faccio, Lauren Oakley, Victoria Martin and Johannes Radebe’s seemed like they could have carried on for another hour or two with so much energy and enjoyment.

The piece is seamed together loosely and does not have an overall narrative, which often leaves you itching for something more to connect with. But, for a display of talent, set and styling it would be a ’10 from Len’ for every number.  There is one tiny dance, which shows two males together – but I would have liked to have seen more daring pairing and less conventional sexualities.

We have tickets for £25.50 http://www.theatreperform.entstix.com/tickets/burn-the-floor

Playing now at the Peacock Theatre until 5th November. www.peacocktheatre.com Tuesday 18 October – Saturday 5 NovemberPerformances: Tue – Sat at 7.30pm, Sat at 2.30pm, Sunday at 2pm and 6.30pm

Review by Michael Darton.

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