Follow the Faun – **** Four Stars

follow-the-faun-c-sabrina-dallot-seguro-minWhat’s makes theatre special? What sets it apart from other storytelling media? Surely, it’s the ability to capture the power of our imagination and use it to create a unique shared experience. Follow the Faun is a quirky fringe show that can truthfully claim to take its ‘audience’ (participants, really) on a journey deep into their own imaginations.

On paper, this show is somewhere between a mythological Zumba class and a sober rave. In practice, it’s far more than that. Our hosts, two beautiful goddesses and the faun himself, lead the dance – and the dance is a means to bring down the barriers between performer and audience, between you and the people aroundyou and between you and your inner child.

As the audience members mill around in the bar before the show, there is a buzz of nervous energy and anticipation. No one knows what to expect. Some people are sporting gym kit and body glitter; others have come straight from the office.

The speed at which everyone’s walls come down and the readiness with which their inhibitions melt away are quite remarkable. It’s moving to witness. There is a moment of realisation, when the penny drops, that you’ll have much more fun if you abandon decorum and stop caring what you look like. That moment hits everyone in the room at a different time – but the party spirit is infectious. Whatever effort you put into this show, you’ll get back again – tenfold.

Over the course of an hour with the faun and the goddesses, you’ll be asked to identify with your own inner goddess. You’ll be invited to shine your f*cking sunshine. You’ll be gently peer-pressured into performing some mildly scandalous dance moves. And you know what? You’ll love it. It’s all really silly and the perfect reminder not to take life, or yourself, too seriously.

Follow the Faun is a celebration of the fundamentally good qualities we all share. It’s a reminder that we can brighten someone else’s day just by smiling at them. It honours the irresistible power of a really good dance to make you feel great.

Review by Annabel Mellor

Playing until 12th November 2016

020 7836 8463 – Tickets £20/10

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