Review of Immortal Tango – Awarded 3 1.2 Stars.

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Any tango enthusiast or practising tango dancer would be a fool to miss Immortal Tango – German Cornejo’s entertaining, dazzling and ferocious tango extravaganza, currently showing at the Peacock Theatre.  The choreographer, director and star of the show, alongside sizzling dance partner and assistant choreographer, Gisela Galeassis, have unified traditional tango from the Argentinian streets with popular song and contemporary moods.

Imagine a powerfully moving duo to Whitney Houston’s I have nothing, a seductive threesome performance to the 1983 film Flashdance, then a 14-strong and athletic presentation to El Tango de Roxanne (from the movie Moulin Rouge) as well as a rarely seen man-on-man concoction that leaves you wanting, to see, more tango.

There’s also a place for Koolio’s Gangster’s Paradise in the sensual haze of this lustful dance, as we see the best tango dancers in the world passionately spin, caress, kick and fly into the air in some to-die-for outfits, of sequins and glamour. It seems that nothing can stop Cornejo’s fresh and inventive hunger for choreography.

These professional dancers are gifted, award-winning and acrobatic while the music is authentic, warm and executed with intense emotion, however, (and unfortunately) minor parts pull the quality down, just a tad. A comedian drag queen (Carlos Debat) and dashes of Hollywood gold may sound funny and glitzy, yet it can also appear cheesy and out of sync with the overall programme, and – definitely – not to everyone’s taste.

In between dances, there are solo performances by a remarkable band including violinist; Maria Mercedes Martinez, pianist; Diego Ramos, and Argentinian singer; Antonela Cirillo who sung her heart away to Adele’s Skyfall. The heat in the auditorium gets hotter and steamier with every new piece that hits the stage. Yet silliness aside, Immortal Tango is a night to admire another man’s national dance – a man who has been dancing to tango ever since he was 16 years old. This highly mesmerising, fresh and passionate show gives an entirely new meaning to tango that’ll blow away Strictly Come Dancing standards

Review by Mary Grace Nguyen.

Playing until 17th March at:

Peacock TheatrePortugal StreetHolbornWC2A 2HT

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