Show of the Week – Impossible – Four Stars ****

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Magic has long been part of entertainment and storytelling, with tricks and illusions being passed down from generation to generation to enchant the mind and excite viewers, and London has been home to magic and variety for decades, therefore it is rather fitting that ‘Impossible’ returns to the West End for a second season to thrill audiences once again.

Seven of the world’s top magicians, illusionists and daredevils take residency at the Noel Coward Theatre to deliver an evening of magical variety; with acts ranging from slight of hand tricks, mind reading to escaping from a straight jacket doused in flames, no act outshines the other with each magician relishing in their moment. Magical Bones backflips whilst performing card tricks, Jonathan Goodwin performs daredevil stunts, Ben Hart mixes slight of hand with spectacle illusions and Chris Cox has audience’s stunned as he reads their minds. Britain’s Got Talent winner, Lance Corporal Richard Jones ignites the inner child and inspires a new generation of magicians when performing a trick on a young audience member.

Josephine Lee and Sabine Van Diemen – the two females of the line up – could have had more stage time, nonetheless their stunts were still some of the stand out moments of the evening with Lee performing the legendary Houdini trick in which she escapes from a tank of water and Van Diemen demonstrating a twist on the classic ‘sawing a woman in half’ – in the age of gender equality she saws a male stage hand in half whilst scantily clad.

Not to be forgotten, the magical and eye pleasing assistants also stare death in the face at points and help to keep the mystery alive. Jeannine Desmier, Louise Andrée Douglas, Katy Goodwin and Sam Qusted are gorgeous, glamorous and at some points extremely brave!

Although there is a lack of narrative in the production, the show still stands strong as a magical variety show and it is extremely refreshing to see passion and true talent n the West End. However amongst all the spectacle of the trickery, Impossible reminds us all that anything is possible if we believe in the magic within us.
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Noël Coward Theatre, St Martin’s Lane, London, WC2N 4AH

Review by Marcus Hubbard

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