Someone Like You: The Adele Songbook. ****

Leicester Square Theatre and touring the UK.

‘Adele’ (Katie Markham) in the trade mark fur coat, and comedy coffee mug in hand, enters the darkened stage with ‘Hello’.  The perfect song and the perfect way to begin a unpredictable evening.  From the start line, nothing much is given away about this show.  Is she an impersonator?  Is she a crazy fan with a good voice?  Or is it Adele in another double bluff disguise?

Katie is soon to introduce herself; a glorious, charming, and endearing woman, with a spectacular voice.  She plays through the record-breaking albums of 19, 21, and 25 but what is slightly lacking is a creative direction for the production to form a structure.  A decision to be ‘Adele’ throughout, or just be Katie, is needed to be made.  Katie sings flawlessly as ‘Adele’ during the songs, but then having no Adeleisms during the links and banter was the missing magic needed. But, everything is forgiven with Katie’s outstanding vocals.  Especially on ‘Chasing Pavements’.

The brilliant band, lead by Musical Director Liam Holmes, come into their own on an original take of ‘Send My Love’, adding life and originality to Act I.  Plus, we all love some cheesy backing singer choreography, given with true support from Natalie Smith and Mary Garbe.   A technical hitch of a mic going down was the ideal opportunity for Katie to play on Adele’s vulgar mouth, and get away with it.  Katie apologised and then continued from the glitch. 

Act II seemed to fit better, maybe because the audience now know what to expect, and song to song the pace powered through.  A very strong ending left the audience roaring and giving the talented company a standing ovation.  

If you love Adele’s music, you’ll love this!  Well done Katie.

Review by Chris Edgerley

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