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House of Kittens is a theatre company dedicated to an exploration into the world of erotic storytelling; passionate about embracing the essence of the sensual pageantries of bygone times and presenting them in a new authentic voice on the forefront of erotic performance art.

Performed by ladies of all genders, each show is designed to examine and interpret the endless expression of pleasure with the ultimate aim of engaging audiences in a new, liberated theatrical movement.

Taking inspiration from cult films, high fashion, musical icons, and underground art, founder and director Sophie Cohen creates a bold form of storytelling, combined with exceptional costumes, musical curation and collaborative choreography.

On Thursday 30th November 2017 House of Kittens will host Menagerie – an evening of conceptual, theatrical vignettes. Guests will converge in an opulent secret location where the audience will find themselves transported into a world of sensual theatre to experience a unique, immersive journey embracing the surreal, the dramatic and the erotic.

Performed across three floors of decedent surroundings with 20 individual performances, lasting from 3½ -16 minutes, Menagerie explores everything from romantic love stories, to full on kink. Audiences are invited to explore their surroundings as they move from room to room choosing the performances that most pique their curiosity and curating their own personal erotic theatrical evening.

Guests are very much encouraged to dress to the nines and embrace the Neo-Noir aesthetic so that they may fully experience the event and enhance their own immersive experience.

To help audiences choose the journey most suited to their own personal tastes, each of the 20 shows is graded either X, XX or XXX going from light and bright, to downright dark and diabolical. See next page for the delectable details of each show.

Oh – and best book that Friday off work – the after party, a whirlwind of drag and disco, kink and high-kicks goes on until late…

Menagerie – evening programme of performances:

X 8:15 – Main Bar – Good Man – Featuring all 16 House of Kittens performers to open the night, with a nod to Broadway revue choreographer Fosse, this is a high energy welcome extravaganza piece which combines rowdy partying with compelling subtle details as our hosts tumble across the venue, covering on tabletops, bar tops, and diving into the crowd, as performers and audiences merge to embrace all things Menagerie.

X 8:45 – Main Bar – Fan Solo – Performed by blonde bombshell Miss Lola La Pearl in her very beautiful birthday suit, this is a classic fan dance performed to Seven Nation Army.

XXX 9:15 – Polar Bear Bar – Love Doll Opening the Polar Bear Bar, In this sinister nod to the nutcracker, Miss Ruby Risqué misbehaves and opens her gifts when no one is looking. She is delighted with her life-size Barbie doll but once her special treat comes to life its more than she bargained for.

XX 9:40 – Main Bar – Starstruck – performed by Demi Noir this is seductive choreographed striptease – all performed blindfolded.

X 10:00 – Main Bar – Tales of the Orient – Phoenix Taylor takes her audiences on a sparkling sake laced Opium dream journey as she plies them with the sweetest of rice wine and enchants everyone with her striking beauty.

XX 10:00 – Polar Bear Bar – Need You – a solo performed by Miss Penny Valent set to INXS’s 90’s classic ‘I Need You Tonight’ this is a high energy choreographed piece which invites audiences to play the role of welcomed voyeur in a vainglorious lady’s bedroom, as she seduces herself in one of her many mirrors.

XXX 10:00 – Cellar – Fresh Blood – The classic tale of Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf – with a blood lust twist

X 10:15 – Polar Bear Bar – Fame A high-fashion homage to the late great David Bowie, this is all vicious catwalks and attitude with some very special voguing – all performed to ‘Fame’.

XXX 10:30 – Cellar – Noir – performed by Lili La Fleur, this new solo inspired the classic 1970’s Italian erotic psychological drama Nightporter – Lili uses surrealist lighting projections for a modern twist on this dark and moody fetish piece.

X 10:40 – Main Bar – Temptation Performed by Penny Valent to Tom Waits’ ‘Temptation’ this a classic burlesque tease reminiscent of the Film Noir femme fatales exceptionally vampy, breathtakingly sexy

X 10:40 – Polar Bear Bar – Queen of Hearts – a trio of balletic vixens vie for their queen attentions through fluttering fans, glittering delights, and impressive dexterity

XXX 11:00 – Polar Bear Bar – The Dresser – Mistress Lili, lady of the manor prepares for her evening out and is dressed by her maid. For every mistake that her antagonistic servant purposefully makes she is punished before your eyes. This show is not for the faint hearted and was created for lovers of Latex and kink.

XX 11:00 – Cellar – Strange – performed by master of contortion Sophie Brain – in this movement focussed story, Sophie will delight audiences with her futuristic solo piece.

XX 11:15 – Polar Bear Bar – Goddess – A stunning fire solo performed by Miss Demi Noir dressed as an Egyptian Goddess clad in sparkling scarabs. She teases and tantalises as she masterfully disrobes.

XXX 11:30 – Polar Bear Bar – The Hunt – a piece of contemporary choreography, two hounds pursue a lone fox for their Hunt Mistress Lili La Fleur to devour. Vicious. But far preferable to the real thing.

XXX 11:30 – Cellar – Oil Baby – A captive gas mask beauty is stripped and bewitched by her Mistress in a UV spectacular.

XX Midnight – Polar Bear Bar – Rapture – Originally inspired by the Nurses in a Louis Vuitton campaign this piece is performed to a medley of Tarantino soundtracks. Five nurses reveal a perfect creation before stripping down and ‘injecting’ full syringes of strong spirits into audience member’s mouths.

XXX Midnight – Cellar – Elixir – A solo performed by Phoenix Taylor begins as a kitsch nod to David Lynch’s ‘Blue Velvet’ before transforming into a surreal nitrous oxide tinged medical fetish delight.

XX 12:30 – Cellar – Space Siren – Closing out the cellar before it opens the dance floor for an all night after party, four beautiful space vixens and their otherworldly mirrored companion perform a ritualistic strip from the future.

XX 12:50 – Polar Bear Bar – Fetish Pony – House of Kittens central signature piece will close the Polar Bear Bar, featuring five prancing ponies and a solo by Head Kitten Miss Lili, with a cute shimmy round the room at the end.

XX 1am – Main Bar – Ride – Six darling prancing and dancing fetish fawns who will close the evenings shows for the night and kick start the continuing festivities.
House of Kittens – Menagerie

When: 30th November, Doors open from 7pm. Dancing till late

Where: Secret East London Location – details provided upon booking

Dress code: Neo Noir – dress up and immerse yourself in the world of menagerie

Tickets: General Admission: £30. Limited table reservations are available

To win 2 tickets simply email with the Subject line

HOUSE OF KITTENS – BEFORE 10th November 2017. 

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